Finishline’s Black Paint Specialist

Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Blog

Are you aware that we have our own “black paint specialist” here at Finishline?  While typically a man of few words, our own Markus Slagle answered a few questions regarding detailing, auto care and why black paint needs to be treated differently.

In his 22 years of professional auto detailing, Markus has learned a thing or two.  What tops the list?  Preventable paint problems.   With regular washing and waxing, major (this means expensive) paint problems such as etching caused by not cleaning up bird poop, tree sap or road tar could be alleviated.

But here in the rainy northwest – do we really need to worry about regular washing and waxing?  Oh yes we do.  Markus reminds us that we can’t assume the rain washes away the road grim which can harm our paint.  “Even if it’s raining – you must still wash and wax!”

And what about brand new cars?  New cars need this as well, he says.  The “lifetime” wax that you may see advertised by dealerships simply is not accurate.

So what is the big deal about black paint?  As someone with a personal affinity for black vehicles, Markus and the Finishline team take great care when working on with a black finish.  “Black paint needs more preventive care – at least three times a year,” Markus recommends.  Finishline Auto Detailing uses specific non-abrasive pads and a special mix of polishes for black paint.

Finding time to keep up with the regular maintenance that our vehicles require need not be an issue. Finishline now offers a variety of Express Services.  Created with the goal of offering lower cost options with less of a time commitment, Express Services allows customers to take care of their vehicle in as little as 30 minutes.

What should you do next to preserve your car’s luster?  Give the crew at Finishline a call or swing by and ask how they can help extend the life of your vehicle’s paint.

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